Giving Options

Giving options available


The Lord's portion

Covenant Offering

Used for location church expenses and world mission

Church Building

Used for church building expenses


Official fund-raising program of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Good Samaritan Inn

The Good Samaritan Inn (GSI) was established in 2007 by the East Jamaica Conference (EJC) of Seventh-day Adventists and members of the Adventist lay-persons Services and Industries (ASI), who developed the institution to assist the needy and homeless, by providing them with food, clothing, shelter, health services and loving care.

Christian Education

Give towards Adventist Christian Education Institutions

Phillipsfield Campsite Project

Donate towards our developing Camp Site

NCU Media Group

Give towards NCU Media Group


This is the Family Indemnity Plan offered by CUNA Caribbean Insurance. This is to be used by enrolled members only.

Departmental Programmes

Used to pay for or contribute to an activity hosted by a particular department of EJC


Any other donation type not listed

Children/Family/Women Departments

Contribute to activities hosted by the Children/Family/Women Ministries Departments

Health Department

Contribute to activities hosted by the Health Department

Sabbath School /Personal Ministries Department

Contribute to activities hosted by the Sabbath School / Personal Ministries Department

Youth Department

Contribute to activities hosted by the Youth Department

Kingsway Group of Schools

One of our schools located in our Conference

Hagley Park Prep School

One of our Conference Schools

New Hope Prep School

One of our Conference schools

Miramar Prep School

One of our Conference schools. This is located in Morant Bay, St. Thomas

Woodford Prep School

One of our Conference Schools

EJC Virtual Church

Contribute to the activities of the East Jamaica Conference Virtual Church

CWD Offering

Used for the development of churches' infrastructure within East Jamaica Conference

Mission Offering

Used for world mission expenses

Local Church Offering

Used for local church expenses

Summer Camp 2024

Pay Summer Camp Fee here

GYD Shirts

Pay for your GYD Shirts here

80th Anniversary/ $100M Fund for Education Campaign

Give towards the 80th Anniversary celebrations and also to the $100M Education Fund.


TITHE - is a sacred responsibility for all Christians. It provides for ministers, teachers, and evangelists througout the world.
CHURCH BUDGET - supports your local church congregation and its ministries. This includes expenses related to evangelism, outreach, educational subsidies, Sabbath School, and utilities.
C.W.D - provides for local church building and conference infrastructural development.
WORLD MISSIONS - supports various outreach and evangelistic ministries world-wide.
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